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Drilling tie rod holes

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I am in teh process of doing a GM axle conversion and need to redrill a tie-rod hole larger... has anyone done this and where do you get a tapered drill bit to this?


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/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif those holes are normally REAMED to exact size, so you are actually looking for a reamer./wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

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yes, I have done this on class 1/2 1600 class buggies, first you need to determine the taper of the tie rod you are using, ( this can be found in the back of the suspension catalog of an auto parts store that still has real parts people) the taper is usually defined as ___" per foot, or __" per inch. If you are using a popular tie rod end you can find the reamer you need from a chassis builder that does circle track or street rods. If all else fails find a machinist that has a MSC catalog (i have one) they can tell you if the reamer you need is commercially available.

When I did the Dana 44 swap on my CJ7 I used the Dana 30 knuckles. I had just rebuilt them before and thought the tie rods might be easy to hook up. Anyway, the tie rod holes were wallowed out and needed to be re-reamed. I found that Scout and Jeep tie rods had the same taper. I used a Snap-on reamer to do the job that a friend of mine had. I reamed it out so the bigger Scout tie rod ends could be used. I don't have the Part No. of the reamer but I can find out.

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