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When I dropped my gastank for the MPI install (I had a bad tank of gas about a year ago and the previous owner abused the jeep) I found thea the skid plate had some pretty bad rust scaling on the inside of it. It appears that the rubber mat between the skid plate and the poly-tank held quite a bit of water in there and allowed it to rust up.

I am going to neutralize the rust with a spray inhibitor and then repaint the skid plate. I was thinking of drilling some holes for the water to drain out of on the bottom of the skid plate. Has anyone done this or something similar. I am also thinking of bending some flat stock tothe shape of the skid palte and then welding it on to increace the strength.

Any thoughts,

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I have done both of the ideas that you have mentioned. I welded in a 1/8in. piece of steel between the skid plate and the tank and drilled holes though both and also put small 1/8in. spacers in where the skid plate bolts in. This only shaved off 1/8in. of ground clearence, but it did leave room for the water to drain and if it did bend (which it hasn't) gave it some room before it bent the tank also.

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