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drain hole plugs

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what are suitable substitutes for the factory drain hole plugs in the floor? i called the dealer and they want $3.50 for them. i need 10 of them and that's a little more than i want to spend. (i have a 79 cj7.)

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10? My god! lol

You can go to a hardware store and pick up different size plastic plugs really cheap. My local Home Depot has them.

10? wow...

I actaully leave my 4 out so water can get back out as fast as it came in..

1997 TJ w/ 33's & 1984 CJ7 w/35's
10 is just how many i need, there are 15 holes in my floor: three in each front floor, two between the drivers seat and door, two under the outside seat belt mount, two behind the inside seat belt mount, one at the front of the rear floor and two at the tailgate. none of them look homemade either. i'm curious how many your 84 cj has, jerseywheeler.

I bought 10 chrome plated 1" button plugs from my local NAPA dealer and it cost about $7.00. It was the only place I could find them.

Hey there,

I currently have 4. Front Driver side,passenger side, rear driver side, rear passanger side. As I said, I leave my holes open cause its easier for me.

1997 TJ w/ 33's & 1984 CJ7 w/35's
Just bought some at Lowes yesterday. They are in the hardware section in the big drawers with all the other small pieces and parts. .78 cents a piece.

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thanks guys, i'm going to lowes tonight!

might what to try the plugs to fill holes in eletrical boxs???????

Use 3/4" hydrolic hose caps. The things they put on hoses and in hydrolic parts for shipping. I got a whole sack for abiut $4, enought for me and another Jeeper. You should be able to get them at a local hydrolic shop.

There are 2 sets in different auctions on ebay at $7. I use the black plastic ones from the harware store.

you don't need them! you own a jeep, and if its anything like mine (1983 cj7) or any other jeep it will leak when it rains. by having your drain plugs in you will trap any water in your jeep, which causes rust (even more so w/ carpet). i have all the low drains out. the only ones i have in are the ones under my seat and the ones in the back because mine doesn't leak in back. the only other one i have in is a metal one above my exaust. this keeps out fumes. i put a metal one there because the flowmaster i added is close to the floor and will tend to melt plastic ones. leaving out drain plugs where water will naturaly flow is the best thing to do. remember RUST=DEAD JEEP , or at least not as nice.


i found plugs that work perfect! they are 1 inch nylon plugs. (Lowes part number on the package is 793800.) i don't really have to worry about getting water out of my jeep. i don't know how many of you saw the severe weather that moved through northwest arkansas today but the jeep has no leaks. i also have herculiner in the tub so sitting water is not a problem for rust. it's taken a lot of work to get it waterproof but when there is weather like today, it's nice to have a dry vehicle that doesn't care about flooded streets.

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