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door weatherstripping problem

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I have a 99 TJ with half doors. Ever since I put the mopar plastic door entry guards on, the weatherstripping gets pushed off the bottom of the door about every third time I close the door. I'm getting tired of pushing it back into the mounting channel all the time. Has anybody had this problem? What sort of adhesive will help keep the weatherstipping mounted and won't make a mess on the doors? Thanks.

E. Adams
99 TJ 4.0 with stuff
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I'd show it to the best body shop in town and ask for suggestions.
My only thought would to run a bead of black Permatex black RTV silicon in between the mating surfaces ... and carefully shut the door ... then leave it overnight or longer.

Go to the local parts store and get 3M weather strip adheivse. The glue in on, line it up and shut the door.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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