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Door handle help

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Does anyone know how to remove/install the door handles on full steel doors? I bought a set a couple of months back and the drivers door handle won't stay flush with the door. I can't find or see from the inside what is supposed to keep it in place and the rattling is about to drive me nuts. Any help is appreciated.

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CJ and YJ doors are nearly the same. My 1985 CJ7 had black silicone (not solid) and the vinyl trim under the paddle handle assembly (no gasket). It looked original. Most cars have a thin gasket between the handle and door skin. Probably no harm adding a gasket.
-Drew M.

1. Remove all rods going to the handle.
2. Look aling each verticle side of the handle, on the inside.
3. You will see a wedge on each side that is driven into the handle assembly.
4. A spring lock, locks the wedge from backing out.
5. The wedge locks the handle against the door panel
6. Drive out the wedges.
7. Pull out the handle being aware of the spring on the paddle handle pivot.

That's all there is to it... If you have further questions, privatly email me.

Good Jeepin'

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