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door ajar

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Does anyone know where the sensor for the door ajar light is located and how to replace it on a 2000 Explorer. The trouble is in the right rear door. Thanks.(PS) I know this is the wrong forum but I'm not getting any responses in the Explorer forum,
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Maybe not, mine's in the latch on the door. My d-side door kept setting off the door ajar light. We got some non-dust attracting lubricant and just sprayed the piss out of it. Opened and shut the doors a couple times and it seems to have freed the stuck sensor.

I think after the new body style in 93 they went to this "hidden" style of door sensor thingy.
Hmm, how many times have you opened and closed the door since then? I dunno about WD40 myself, I used this aviation stuff, think of it as WD40's worse nightmare on steroids in a dark alley. Really slick. Anyways, we sprayed a bunch of that stuff in there, then opened and closed the door "with vigor" for a good 2-3 minutes. By the end of that time, it was done. I've sprayed a bit more stuff in the mechanism a couple times since then, just to be sure. So far, so good.
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