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Re: Don\'t let the door hit you in the a$$, jeepchick..

I thought women blowing wasn't a bad thing, or at least that's what my husband tell's me. Too bad about your girlfriend, stuff] happens, but guys can be pretty unreasonable also. Last spring I took our Jeep (original #1 CJ) to an alumni weekend at the college I went to & my drunk girlfriends (I was not drinking) convinced me to take the Jeep our 4 wheeling (my husband was not informed, he was not there). My best friend led me where to go (a total of 5 ladies stuffed in this CJ), and, of course, we drowned the jeep in a creek. A bunch of kids crossing the creek pulled us out after about 2 hours of freezing (it was May). We got a ride back to my friends house (jeep was left of side of creek bank for the night) & I called my husband, & told him & HE WAS NOT HAPPY. But he was very very very relieved we were OK. My best friend called her boyfriend & he freeeeeaaaakkkkeeed out! He yelled & screamed & the next morning left a message on her phone machine (that we all listened to), claiming that he hoped she was happy because he would probably wreak his car that day driving to pick up his daughter because he didn't get any sleep because he was so upset, & when she told him that she was going to help me & my husband with the Jeep that morning, he said "OH, now you're a mechanic!?!" (I needed help to siphon the water ridden gas out.) To this day, we cannot mention the incident around her boyfriend because he gets pissed (and it wasn't even his jeep!) Anyway, just a story of how guys can be real pricks & not understand Jeep things also. As far as my husband goes, he took liberty to blame anything that he wanted to replace on the jeep to water damage (how ARB air lockers were related, I can't quite remember). Good luck finding a new girlfriend who will understand, my tip is to find one that already drives some type of 4wd (my first vehcile was a 4x4 Ford Ranger).

Melanie West
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