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Re: Don\'t let the door hit you in the a$$, jeepchick..

I can't believe what I'm reading here. Selfishness, cruelity and stupidity all wrapped up into two people who interact and do all they can to hurt and destroy one another's lives. How terribly sad, just so very darned sad. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Jeep's are things, and people are more imprtant than things. Grow up and become a MAN who deserves a woman of like kind. Until then, you'll only get exactly what you're lookin' for...someone who's just like you.

Hey TR, about the Handicap crack... it ain't funny! I've been handicapped since I was 7, and have limped through life. The only thing that's hampered me is the thoughts and snickes of others who thought they had power over me. Well, like the above, it's a thoughless and stupid saying... I for one, take offense that statement.

Greed, arrogance, stupidity, thoughtlesness, envy, foolishnes one to walk through the hearts and minds of their fellow men and women with hobnail boots. Grow up NOW, before you leave a trail of broken and hurt people in your wake through life. You make the bed you lie in, and sometimes it ain't too comfortable.

At the age of 70 you ain't going to get much satisifaction out of the 40 year old Jeep in the garage if their ain't no one to enjoy it with you. Family, a spouse and children, grand and great granchildren can give you a whole lot more satasification than one, or a bizillion Jeeps. I speak from experience, there's nothing like having a child who's doing great in life, and brings home the most beautiful thing in the world... a grandchild for you to hold. It beats a Jeep any day! I can hardly wait until my children return home with their spouses and their children! What a wonderful time, and yes, the Jeep is a part of that wonderful day... each of my daughters enjoyed the Jeep as they've grown up. They are looking foward to the rides their children will take in that Jeep as it's become a part of the family. But it's only a thing, and things are not forever, but my wonderful wife of 26 years and my beautiful children and their children are!

Where I grew up there were two types of people, humans and non-humans. The non-humans were called "They who walk on two legs." They who walked on two legs had not earned humanity and were counted as such. It's taken me over 50 years but I'm human. I may walk on only one leg, but I'm human and have earned the title. I only wish it for you and yours, but from what I've read here, if you don't mend your ways, grow up and become a MAN worthy of a WOMAN who is worthy of a MAN, then you're more handicapped than I, and I for one shall neither pity nor weep you.

Good Jeepin'

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