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Don\'t do what I did...

Whenever I needed 4x, I pulled the lever in anticipation and never had a problem, but this time I waited and looked STUPID because of it.
I was headed to see my in-laws and was in 2wd on an icy highway when the truck in front of me stopped so I stopped too. When the road cleared ahead I took my foot off the brake(auto) and the rear end started doing the tango - at idle. Now that I was looking a little foolish I switched to 4wd Fulltime and took my foot off the brake again.
Guess what - TANGO baby...

this is not your dads 4wd. I didn'r realize you have to move the front wheels to get engagement - so I put the selector in reverse and backed down the hill till I was pointing the proper direction and YES I can move forward now. GLORY BE it works.
An ounce of prevention saves a pound of Pride. at least next time...

Great burnout on ice. at idle

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Re: Don\'t do what I did...

If you've got it, then use it!. I always look for a chance to pull that lever up into 4x! Don't get much ice in Texas though.

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