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I recently bought some ice scratchers for my snowmobile on ebay, I only did it because the guy claimed to be in town, otherwise i would have bought some from the dealership. Anyway, i won them, sent him an email to get his address to come pick them up. He says he isn't in town, he lives 1 1/2 hours away and he will be in town to ship some stuff a few days later. Then I say I can meet with him then and says there is no way he will let me come and pick it up, i have to pay for shipping. Even if i do pick them up, i would have to pay shipping. He wants to ship them for 14, and in reality will only cost 4. I ask what the problem with me coming over is and then is when he starts to feed me a bunch of bull @$*%! He says if word got out that he gave me the scratchers for what I bought them for FAIR AND SQUARE, the place where he gets them for at cost will no longer sell them to him. WTF?? If he wanted to get more money for them, raise the starting price, don't feed me this bull @#&$ and tell me that I got a great deal out of it, Does this sound familiar to anyone (Decker Cycles, ) I really have a-holes like this and if I give him bad feedback, he will only retaliate. So don't buy anything from this guy, he is a cheat and a lier.

This is typical ebay selling technique. The sellers are depending on their "jack up" for shipping. I don't think it is "fair" either, this is the way many ebay sellers work.

I will need to get me a set of these "scratchers". My xlt special is always having problems with not getting enought snow into the slides. I am always needing to drag my boots to bring the snow in.
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