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Don-a-vee tailgate support kit?

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hey again folks

anyone out there tried or heard of anyone who got the Don-A-Vee Jeep tailgate support kit for YJ's?

it's supposed to give reinforcing support when you have an oversized spare tire/wheel.
they say if you put on say a 33" tire on the stock location on a YJ, it could just rip off the body 'cause of the extra weight.

and those Currie/Tomkin/Bulletproof swing-away bumper spare tire carriers are just too damn expensive!!

any help appreciated,
just tryin to build up my jeep!


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I'll be interested in views on this. I have a 33x12.50x15 mounted on the original rear carrier on the tailgate of my TJ Sport. Seems to hold on all right without movement when I'm on the trails, but I've been wondering if the carrier is eventually going to tear off the door!!

My understanding is that the TJ has stronger hinges than the YJ.

I had a 31x10.5, bike rack and 2 lightweight bikes and was travelling on paved roads (one construction zone) and the weight tore open my tailgate like a canopener.

If you are going to a larger tire I would suggest a swingout tire carrier.

Cutch 88YJ
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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