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Does ANYBODY make a spool for a Dana 44 30 Spline

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I have gone through 2 EZ lockers and am wanting to put a spool in. Don't really want to spent the money on a full Detroit. I know that the tires will cherp, but I don't get out ON the road too much. I've found spools for Dana 44 35 spline but seems that no one makes one for the 30 spline. If anybody out there know of such an animal pleas help.

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Check with Summit Racing if you haven't already. They might have one. If you absolutely can't find one then get an open carrier and weld the spider gears together.
Good luck,

Check with Moser Engineering in Portland Indiana, 219-726-6689. I believe they make their own spools so they might be able to machine one up for you, or you may have to replace your inner axle shafts and run the 35 spline. Steve

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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