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I have the chance to get a 75 dodge club cab shortbed 4wheel drive with with a dana 44 and dana 60 with lockers in both and 355 gears and a 318 with a 4-speed. I would like to know what other engines have the same bolt patten as it does not have pones for me what would be a good motor to swap in 360-383-400-440
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The 318,340 and 360 all had the same belhousing. (Ithink) I do know that the 383,400 and 440 had the same belhousing. The other stuff like mounts ect. are still around, mostly at Napa and other parts stores. Dodge used the same stuff for years so it made for a lot of parts out there for them even though there aren't as many in numbers simply because they ran the same part numbers for a long time.
good luck I hope you have fun
( I also have a bunch of friends who are Mopar nuts so if you do do this and need advice I could talk to them and let you know if you have any spicific ( I can't spell) questions.
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