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Does anybody recognize this CJ5? Here's a pix (, which shows it shortly after I bought it. I bought it from a kid who did little but add the alloy wheels and remove an unnecessary 4" body lift (which he may have installed himself, just for looks (!)).

I'd love to talk to the previous owner, who probably built it several years ago before selling it to Ivan's Jeep in CT (Ivan can't help me, which is no surprise if you've ever talked to him /wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif), where the guy I bought it from got it. You can see the heavy front bumper and the twin tube rear. Not visible is the fact that the fiberglass body was 2" too far back (so the fan hit the radiator every time the Jeep hit a bump), the homemade heater (a plywood box around the heater core, with a blower glued to it (it was marginally effective), and all the missing parts-- it could only have been called an 80% done project.


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Hey Dana,

Glad to see a fellow wheeler on the Jeep BBS. I think i have wheeled with you at Lamentation with 4Play. I wheel with Ben Cadley and i drive a White 99 Toyota Tacoma.

Small World

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