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Do you have a BestTop Roll Bar "Sport bar" cover?

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Do you have a BestTop Roll Bar \"Sport bar\" cover?

I am going to Durabak my Jeep on Saturday. I am also planning on doing the portion of the Roll bar that is left exposed when a BestTop cover is installed. However, I do not have the cover yet. Can you tell me how much of the bar is exposed from the floor up to the bottom of the cover. This will help me determine how much durabak to use.


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Re: Do you have a BestTop Roll Bar \"Sport bar\" cover?

I have one of their covers, I've had it 10 years or so, so I'm not sure if they are still the same, probably are. Mine ends a couple feet
from the floor, a couple inches higher than the fenderwells.
Hope this helps.

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)
Re: Do you have a BestTop Roll Bar \"Sport bar\" cover?

Yep, I've got a bestop 'sportbar cover'. I kinda wish I'd sprung for the factory part, but oh, well. Bought it about a month ago. The foam is less than impressive, and the multi-piece stick-in system is kind of a pain. First, I'll give you some installation advice on the covers. Ignore the instructions that come with them, they are useless. Don't bother trying to attach the foam pieces to the covers and then attaching the whole thing as a unit to the jeep. You will only get frustrated. Get a roll of duct tape. Install the foam pieces on the bar and use just enough duct tape to hold them in place, making sure not to tape it too tightly, as it will show as ridges through the covers. Once you have assembled the 'foam puzzle', then lay the covers on and begin fitting and zipping them up.
Okay, now to answer your question. Apply the liner to the same height as the tub, plus a couple inches. For the most part, the covers go down to the same level as the tub, so if you were looking at the jeep from the side, you wouldn't see any of the bare bar. If you go a couple inches above the tub, this will guarantee that you wont have any bare bar gaps showing after the covers are installed. Hope this helps. Happy Jeepin'!

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