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I have a 258 bored 30 over, with a Holley 500ccfm. About the only thing not factory in this 85' CJ7 is the distributor and ignition system. I hear from a guy at MSD, that they are coming out with a distributor in Nov. for a in-line six. I am also curious about putting in an HEI distributor. Can I buy one new, or do I have to hunt for this type of distributor or am I best with a factory distributor.

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Try, he has them ready to go.

Here is LarryM's write up!

My brother and I bought a new one from the local auto parts dealer that I get a discount from through my 4x4 club. We used an old gear off his original Prestolite distributer, but I here that this might not be a reliable way to go. You can get the proper gear new.

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I am of the opinion a GM HEI is as good as any performance brand distributor. I got mine at a junk yard for $35.00 out of an '82 Chevy van. I bought a new cap and rotor and a set of wires to fit a '78 Ford Fairmont. I think I spent about $75.

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