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disk brake conversion

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I have a 1952 M38A1(military cj-5) and would like to do a disc brake conversion at least to the front. Does anyone know how or know who sells kits for this. The front axle is a Dana 27, rear is Dana 44. I know TSM makes conversions but I don't have a phone # nor do I know if they make a kit for this. Tire size will be 15/35/15 swampers. Jeep has springover conversion. I know a Dana 44 front would be better but $$$. Any suggestions appreciated

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Call R&P 4 WD Parts Inc. They can disc brake your closed knuckle frontend. Their # is 503-557-8911.
Good luck. Nickmil.

This is for the rear, I will need to email you for the front because the page was closed and I have a copy on my HD

I been having problem with this link but it is in there just follow to tech

You need calipers and mounting brackets from a Chevy 1/2 ton 4x4 and rotors from a jeep or International. The 6 hole brackets are prefered. Rotate the brackets and drill 6 new holes to mount to your axles, that makes 12 holes. Then mark and grind off the knuckle to clear the caliper, just a slight amount needed. If you have any problems finding the parts check with Parts Mike. That's also where I got this info. Hope it helps.
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