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Disk brake conversion ???

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I would like to know what part do I need to convert my drum brake to disk. What I have so far is the brake backing plate from dana 44
disk brake and the caliper. Which car/truck model I can use for the disk and I want to keep it 5 lugs.

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What disk you need all depends on what caliper and backing plate you have. If you have a caliper and backing plate from a vehicle that wasn't offered in a five lug configuration then you are in trouble. The safest way is to just buy a kit from a good manufacturer but I know as well as anyone the importance of the dollar. My advice would be to try and find a blown,or junkyard disk-brake axle (it will have to be a front axle) and buy the whole thing so that you have a model to work from and all necessary parts. The vehicle that come to mind to look for is a Scout II. Make sure it is a Dana 44 though just to be safe. Scouts are fairly common and really cheap. I bought one for $200 will Dana 44's
304 auto and PS and PB, the body is terrible but great parts that will get put to use on my Jeep.

Scott Crothers

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