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I'm considering buying a '96 Discovery with 50K miles on it. Never been
used off road or even off pavement and has been lady driven pretty much just
to the mall and such. No problems that I'm aware of. I'd be turning it
into a real off road truck, OME suspension, winch, ARB bumper, snorkel, roof
rack, dual spares, ARB lockers front and rear, etc. and it will be spending
most of this summer in the mountains of Mexico getting the [censored] beat out of
it a loooong way from any repair shops. I've never owned a LR before and
I've heard that although they are good off road they have quite a few
mechanical probs and that anything that can fail will eventually fail. I've
heard that from quite a few LR owners. I've been told that the pre '96
Discos had quite a few problems. Can anyone tell me what sort of problems
(in detail) if any I might expect from this truck. I know absolutely
nothing about fixing engines or anything else for that matter which is why
I'm so hung up on the quality/dependability of this truck.

Are there auxillary gas tanks available for them like there are for Toyota 4Runners and Land Cruisers? Can I fit 31" x 10.5" BFG all-terrain tires on the stock rims. Also I'd really like some web pages that sell after market off road
equipment for LR's so I can check out the prices of OME suspensions, full length roof racks, auxillary fuel tanks, etc. I'd greatly appreciate any help. Thanks.

Deron Hartman

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You want a qualified opinion then do this; talk to only a mechanic at the dealership or certified mechanic for range rover. Ask him your questions, and what the recalls where, there are bound to be some that need to be addressed on your prospective vehicle. You are treading thin ice if you can barely afford this and you want to seriously offroad with it. You are entering an elitist group of people that i have had the pleasure of being around. It aint cheap. If I were you id just wait to afford a 2000 Discovery because the changes where phenominal in comparisson to the old. Really. If you can buy this one and turn around and make profit then by all means do so, but think hard and ask as many hard questions to the mechanic, with the clarification of your purpose for the vehicle in question. Good Luck Max

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