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Hi all I have had a major engine failure at 150000km Iam wondering if any of you that are mechanically mined can enlighten me on this problem. The vehicle has been fixed and goed well now butit cost $12,000 to fix. Has anyone seen this prob before. You can see the story on my web page.
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from your text

"We had some cracks develop above the door pillars which were rectified by Land Rover."

now the diso isnt the heaviest duty vehicle in the world,but its not prone to 'cracks'. Care to elaborate on exactly what your 'trips' involved? If its structural stress, I dont see how you can claim (again, in your words) that the vehicle wasnt flogged". Also, if you were running into the backcountry, what were the service stations out there running for fuel? Rover diesels dont like alternative fuels all that much, if, say, atf, or soya oil was used to cut the diesel at a remote station it wouldnt show up in the filters, (or the fuel test at a later date, for that matter) but the difference in lubrication could cause injector, or pump damage. Ditto for water damage to the injection system from contaminated fuel - the water would simply evaporate out in time, and not show up in tests. ( dont know if the AUS models have a water seperator in the fuel system, if so, guranteed that you could have a temporary contamination problem that magically disappears!)

not saying ANY of this is what happened, or even that it would be your fault....but more details would be nice: objective, and numeric data, not subjective impressions.

You havent even given a statement ( or better yet, an actual COPY of the statemetn) as to what grounds Land Rover have given for not honoring warranty!!

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