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Disc brakes on Dana 27

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Anyone have any experience with putting disc brakes on a Dana 27 (front). I have a '71 Jeepster that I want to put disc brakes on. Is this possible? What do I need to do? Can I get setup from a CJ to work?

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Yes it can be done. Unfortunately I can't give you specific parts references as I had my local 4x4 shop do the conversion for me.

Hey Aaron, it can be done. Not sure about the jeep dana 30 parts, but I did mine using front calipers and backing plates from a mid to late 70's chevy 4x4. The rotors and hubs are from a 78 cj5 with the 1 1/8" rotors. You have to use your jeepster inner hub bearings and the cj outers. Then you have to grind the closed knuckle between the 2 back bolts in a half moon shape till the caliper will clear it. It saves a little knuckle grinding if you grind the casting marks off the calipers also. Then you have to change the fill plug on the knuckles to an inner type plug(which will need to be ground down after its installed also). The final stage is a new master cylinder from the 78 cj5 with discs front and brake hoses to match. I'll be putting it on my webpage as soon as I find all my lost pics from the puter crash last week. Hope this helps!
(BTW: No Excuses, Inc. in NJ sells the kit, complete, except for the calipers, I believe, for a decent price) Their # is 1-800-923-JEEP.

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Thanks Bill,

I am sure that will get me started in the right direction! Please let me know when you get your pictures posted. BTW: Nice Jeepster on your webpage!!


'71 Jeepster Wagon
Here are some part numbers for you. They are out of the JAN 1993 issue of "FOUR WHEELER". Find it if you can. It shows how much to grind the knuckles, and takes it step by step.
JEEP PART # ( from 76-78 );
Hub & Rotor - J5356183
GM PART #'S ( 1/2 Ton and Blazer );
Calipers - 18004914 R & 18004915 L
Sleeve - 18004057
Bolt - 5468226
Pads - 5474137
Backing Plate - 14023430 R & 14023429 L
Also in the July 1987 issue of "FOUR WHEELER" there is an article on the same thing using only jeep parts.
Hope this helps.

I have a CJ5 with the master cylinder under the floor, can i reuse the master cylinder if i use the brake swap. Right now i run a dana 44 rear and 27 front. I am getting wagoneer 11 inch brakes soon. Could i run bothe with the cylinder?
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