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Bummer. GNCC sent this notice out today, but it affects much more than just ATV racing fans. Versus is the best Cable channel there is for Off-Road stuff, of all kinds.

Morgantown, W.Va. (September 2, 2009) - DirecTV and VERSUS were unable to come to terms on contract renewal and as of Monday, DirecTV customers no longer have VERSUS in their lineup, which means loss of coverage of the Can-Am Grand National Cross Country Series, the Lucas Oil Women's MX Championship, the Air Nautiques AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships from Loretta Lynn Ranch presented by Amsoil and ATV Dirt Days, the AMA Pro ATV MX Finals from Loretta Lynn Ranch.

The GNCC Series and the Women's Motocross Championship will air throughout the month of September. The AMA Amateur Nationals from Loretta Lynn Ranch airs Thursday, September 24 at 4 p.m. EST), and the ATV Dirt Days final airs Sunday September 27th 2:30p.m. EST.

The following is a prepared statement from VERSUS with instructions on helping bring the network back to DirecTV:

"We are hopeful that DirecTV will make the right decision for its customers and put VERSUS back on the air so sports fans can continue to enjoy all of the network's marquee programming. In the meantime, we urge you to call 1-800-642-1923 to demand that DirecTV puts VERSUS back on or visit Versus: The Official Website | Bull Riding | NHL Hockey | Tour de France Cycling | Versus TV Network for more information about how to switch to another video provider; all of which carry VERSUS."

Versus has set up a Web site for viewers to submit a request to DirecTV letting them know they want Versus back. To submit a request, Click here.
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