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anyone put a different intake on their 4.3? I beleive that Edelbroke makes one that is for a 4 bbl carb.... i was told that if you get that intake and put the TBI from a 4.1L v8 (forgot what it was from) that it should help a lot for power.... just passing the info on that someone else told me...


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Hey, buddy, that's Edelbrock. Edelbrock isn't old-fashioned, they make 4.3 manifolds for TBI, and why wouldn't they? You could get the performer, and get a free chip included, and that will improve 6/10 second gain from 10-70mph. That's not a lot, and probably not noticable. If you want more, you can also get a cam kit and cat-back exhaust for money. Holley and Weiand also have one for 4.3's without vortec heads. Also some suggestions, why don't you either get headers, or if you don't want the cost and worry of them rusting out, you could get a porting/polishing kit if you are ambitious and smooth out the exhaust manifold. Another suggestion would be to take your heads and manifold to a machine/speed shop and have them gasket matched, ported, and polished.
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