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I'm considering putting a diesel in my scrambler, and need any information you guys got. I saw a guy on here a few weeks ago that put a 6.5 turbo diesel in a yj. I basically need to know how much work/what kind of mods will be needed. Also, does anybody know what transmission came behind the 6.5 turbo diesel?

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Stock, the 6.5 diesel would have an NP4500 or a 4L80E automatic. Can't tell you how much work it'd be, but I suspect it'd be among the "easier" diesel swaps.


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I would be very interested in knowing how you make out....please keep us posted.

I used to have a CJ5 in South America when I was a kid and the guy who bought it from me put in a Mercedes Benz diesel engine. It seems that MB and Perkins are the most common diesel swaps down south (way downnnn southhh).

Good luck.

John C.

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There's a post on the Scrambler forum about the 4 cyl Cummins diesel. That may be an option.

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