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OK, for the sake of this discussion, we shall assume that references to diamond plate thickness DO NOT include the added thickness of the diamonds themselves….

I have a few questions here, as Tellico mangled my diamond plate corners and rocker panels beyond recognition – you wouldn't believe it! I had the standard 1/8” aluminum. I also have been getting damage in the area between the rockers and the corners, right behind the door opening…

I basically want to run a solid sheet of diamond plate from the tailgate, around the corner, all the way to the front fender. I would cut out a little oval for the word Jeep on the front of the tub sides.

I had planned to do this in 3/16” aluminum diamond plate, but I’m second-guessing that now. My gas tank has ¼” steel diamond plate on it, and that’s indestructible, but SO HEAVY!

I’ve read some rave reviews on the 3/16” steel off-your-rocker rocker panels, but that seems too heavy as well for the whole tub. I’m wondering if anyone can tell me how well 1/8” steel works out. I always paint the stuff the same color as the Jeep, so steel or aluminum doesn’t really matter – I just want the most protection with the least amount of weight.

Finally, what is the deal with putting diamond plate on the side of Jeeps? I thought this stuff was for traction under foot? It always rubs the paint off the diamonds – I’m wondering if there is some redeeming quality to it that I haven’t figured out that leads people to use this instead of smooth steel – any insight?

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I used 1/8"steel d. plate as a skid for my gas tank. It offered a good compromise between weight and strength. As for covering the whole jeep, it would seem that the 1/8" would be easier to work with and quite a bit stronger than the alum. d. plate. A friend of mine actually cut out his panels and replaced them with 1/8" s. diamond plate. I've seen those panels take whacks that broke the welds on his bumper and barely scratched the paint of the panels. Plus, you can purchase large sheets at little money and the stuff is thin enough to work with. I don't really see any reason why one could not use smooth steel for the same purpose. If a great deal of time is spent rolled over on the side I guess the diamonds make a better place to stand while one enjoys the view. Either way, the steel is going to add some weight.

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Hi Chuck. Ok, first, as you've learned, the aluminum dplate is really worthless for anything other then looks and absolutely minimum hits... It is just too soft to offer any real protection.

I have the OYR 1/8" steel d plate corner on my tub. They are, so far, holding up pretty well, though I haven't really beat on them yet. I made my own rocker guards using 3/16" flat steel plate, which I have beat on hard and they are holding up great.

You will add lots of weight to your jeep putting full body panels of (just) 1/8" steel on the body. Make sure you use plenty of attachment points to spread the load over many areas on the tub.

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The advantage of diamond plate vs. smooth steel is strength. 1/8" diamond plate is as strong or stronger than 3/16" smooth steel without all of the weight.

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I made my side and rocker panel covers as well as a new bed for the back out of 1/8" steel diamond plate. I cut it with a circular saw and an abrasive blade without much difficulty, I think I will rent a plasma cutter next time though. It is very heavy though. Do the work yourself. The rockers, corners and bed cost the same amount as a pair of prefabed aluminum corners.

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