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diamond plate install

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Just got my diamond plate for the rear corners of my jeep and was wondering if anyone has any tips before I start installing them, i.e.- sealing them or not, screws or rivits

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Seal the top with silicon but leave the bottom unsealed. This will let the moisture(condensation) out. I use nuts and bolts to secure it on, this lets me take it off and repair the bigger dents. Repaint the holes you drill before you bolt(or rivet,screw,,) it down.

Wayne in Hawaii
I did the same sealing proceedure as W.C., but I riveted it on. Be sure all the cut-outs and holes line up before you start atttaching it. I removed my tail lights and reinstalled them over the diamond plate, sealed around the edges good too. (this kept the cutouts for the lights small). Good luck!

Keep on Jeepin'
I used nuts/bolts (actually stainless panhead allen machine screws.) for the same reason Wayne did. My d-plate corners are steel.

Jim O'Brien
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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