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I'm getting ready to take my Jeep 94 ZJ 5.2L to the shop for an engine repair. Before I bend over I want to see if I can diagnose the problem myself. The engine is definately missing.

Some background, I overheated it bad, enough said. I fixed all my cooling issues and no water in the oil and no oil in the water. I know I still may have a blown head gasket.

I'm hoping maybe the heat killed either a injector, spark plug or plug wire.

Any recommendations on how I can narrow this and possibly come to some conclusions.


94 ZJ 5.2L


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I would bet a warped head from the overheated condition is allowing cross fire due to headgasked failure.
Other possible items, warped valve not closing, cracked piston, ,,those are the worst....
The least is burnt wires, cracked sparked plugs. various sensors over heated and now failing...Good luck.
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