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I have a 72 Commando half cab with the original in-line six cylinder engine. But which engine? The 258 or the 232?

I suspect it's the 232, but would be grateful if one of you experts could tell me how to tell for sure.



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If you are sure it is the original engine, you can look at the VIN number. For the 72's (and 73's), the last letter, which is just before the 5 digit serial number, is the engine code.

A=258 reg
B=258 l/c
E=232 reg
F=232 l/c
also H=304 V-8

I have no idea what l/c means, but that's what is in my book.

Also,my book says the automatics did not come with 232's - only 258's and 304's.
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