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Hi guys,

Is there a current Delco Alternator (perhaps from a current production GM) with Amperage rating of 100 or over?
I'm thinking about replacing my old alt. from CJ without buying a fancy one.



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I have a Delco alternator for an '86 Chevy G30 van/1-ton truck. It is rated at 95 or 100 amps I don't remember. They are $59.99 at Autozone, that is the cheapest I could find. You will have to swap pulleys with the new one if you don't have a serpentine belt. It is the same size as the Jeep alternator and doesn't require any additional brackets.


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You can find a 93 amp unit from a late 80's GM car that is an exact match to the Jeep Alt. and bolts in. You may have to "Re-clock it" They were used in some (belive it or not) 4 cyl Olds and Buicks Pontiac fieros

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