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Deflated tires on road

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Hi all,
Is it really bad to drive your Jeep on concrete/asphalt with the tires down to about 10-15 PSI? The problem is is that I want to lower the air pressure on my BFG A/T KO tires for off-roading on sand and I am concerned about ruining them while trying to find an air pump at the local gas station on the way back.

Is it okay to drive on the road for a few miles or is this considered a big no-no?

Thanks for any tips!
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Very short distance at low speed is not life threatning, but it is better for tire life if you just get a compact cigarette lighter plugin pump. Yes it takes a while with the cheapies but costs less than replacing your tires or worse yet your vehicle. Any amount of driving on underinflated tires causes sidewall damage, you MAYNOT see it, but it is there. If I had driven on any tires for 4 or 5 hours and found them to be underinflated by almost 20 psi they would not be on MY vehicle. It scares me to think of all the fools running around out there on tires that are mistreated like that. Do some research on retreads and you'll learn alot about tires in general. Inflation pressure is THE KEY element to long life.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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