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yes.. at the end of those breather lines.. you need a filter.. i use those CHEAP fuel filters.. they are white plastic.. about 1.50 or so a piece.. i take the line up.. put the filter on it, and then when i bolt the line down.. i turn the filter upside down... make it harder to get water thru it.. if it reaches that high..
one other thing.. use plenty of rtv.. that gasket sealer stuff.. goop that everywhere... seal the distr. dipsticks.. another good thing is an electric fan.. so you can turn it off when you get into the water.. keeps it from going all over your engine.. ie. plugs.. and a bug screen, or some other wire mesh on the front of your jeep grille.. ie. not for bugs.. but to keep mud from building up infront of the radiator.. doesnt take much.. to plug that up.

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