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More water gets in around the dipstick boot on a TH-350 than one might think.
Check to see if it is sealing, or leaking. If it leaks, replace it.

The tranny vent is on the top of the case, just behind the bell housing. Hook a vacuum line on it and extend the vacuum line to above the water line or a protected area.

Check your vacuum modulator line. Heavy mud or water travel will pull these off.
Use a new piece of vacuum line, and use nylon wire ties to secure the hose to the hard line and vacuum module nipple.

If you have a leaking rear mail seal, pan gasket, governor housing, vacuum modulator, or anywhere else wanter can enter, fix it.

Locate axle vents. ALL AXLES HAVE VENTS !
Hook vacuum line or transmission line to them, and run them to a spot above the water line or to a protected area.
Use filters on them.
Replace any differential housing gasket leaks, and any leaking axle tube seals or leaking wheel seals.
Using check valve vents is a good way to screw the pooch...

It might pay to try to make your ignition as water resistant as possible.
I'd also take along a can of dried compressed air or starting fluid.

Good luck... Aaron.

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