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Decent Quality Jeep Cover

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Hi All,

I am one of the unfortunates without a garage and need to replace my soft cover for my Wrangler. I am looking for recommendations. The last cover I purchased was from Jeep Essentials, it was the multi-ply grey job and it lasted about a year and a half ($99) The worst part was that if it rained while it was covered the Jeep looked like it had been sprinkled with talcum powder (on black jeep is nasty). I guess what I am looking for is perhaps a nylon that is custom fit. Any help would be appreciated. I haven't checke Leon Rosser yet but I have looked at Jeep Essentials and 4WD Hardware.


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I have a really nice cover for my CJ7. It is costum cut and fits perfectly, even around the mirrors. I got it from JC Whitney and i think it was about $150. It was worth it to me.


I'm gonna send back the one I just recieved from FWD Hardware.
It has two layers of some very thin fuzzy material with holes in it with a "barrier" in between. It may be fine for some fair weather, garage kept Jeep but it doesn't look like the kind of heavy duty cover I was looking for.
I'm open to suggestions also.

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