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I've learned that my cj5 was one of the Levi jeeps, and since I'm planning on a new paint job this spring I'm thinking of trying to bring it back to it's original image. Does anyone know what they looked like, have any pics' or know where I can find any?

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I have one also. They had tops , seats, dashes and strips in a blue color. Also they had a little Levi sticker below the jeep letters on the side. Collins brothers jeeps has some of the little stickers ( search for cj8 you will find them). The top, seat, and dash were in a jean like look that has not been reproduced. Finding these used or good ones would be near impossible. I have changed most of my colors (black). I have done many car restoration's and will never do one again because I now have a jeep thats more fun and it doesn't take away from it when you dont go back original.

79 CJ5 258 firecracker red
Funny, I was just reading a book that I just picked up (at 4wd Hardware) "Jeep, warhorse, workhorse & boulevard cruiser" by David
Fetherston. On page 68 & 69 there are two pictures (one on each page) of a 1976 "Levi" CJ7 Renegade & a 1976 "Levi" CJ5 Renegade
Below the pix of the CJ7 it says "the 1976 CJ-7 Renegade 'Levi' model which featured the interior trimmed in the same cotton material
as Levi Jeans. From what the pix looks like it is the renegade striping & trim with a small "Levi" symbol just above the letters "Jeep"
just in front of the door. Sorry, I don't have a scanner available right now or I would attach the pix. Or, get the book, it is a very
educational and interesting read. Good Luck!

yes have seen that also.. i think elusive has it. i will try to scan it 2morrow nite if youd like.. i would make some seat covers out of blue jean material.. think that would be cool.. just a thought

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Just to add. The Levi thing wasn't just on the Jeeps. I am pretty sure it was an AMC thing, so other cars had them too. If you ever watched the Levi's commercial when a guy takes his AMC Gremlin to the car wash and rolls his windows down so he could wash the Levi seats. I've seen the stickers for sale on Ebay. A guy in Kenosha, Wi who worked at the plant was selling them for $20 for the pair. Any good Jeep book will have them pictured. I once heard that there was a limit of 100 Levi Jeeps a year, but can't back that up.

A guy I know does Jeep resto. work and he has a source for the material and buttons for the levi's Jeeps. Take a look at the Golden Eagle Cherokee on his site it has totaly redone levi's interior.
alright I respoded first. Now dont tell me there was only 100 per year. Mine is a 79 cj5 renagade fire cracker red with the blue strips blue dash blue seats and
blue top. The seats had the levi button but the material was vinyl. It had a strange blue fadding effect done to it to look like blue jean material. All the strips and top and dash was done this way. I will agree that the levi sticker was above the jeep letters. If any one has the production numbers please let us know before I fully turn this into a trail only machine.

79 CJ5 258 firecracker red
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