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dauntless 225 V6

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I have recently purchased a 71 CJ5 with an old probably aboused motor but I'm not ready to swap motors yet. I have dual exhaust with tailpipes exiting in front of the rear tires and it's backfiring through the exhaust. I've checked the timing to no avail. It backfires only on the right bank and I ran a wet and dry compression test with the folowing results: 1)165,2)175,3)160,4)150,5)170,6)175. the wet compression doesn't significantly differ from dry, and there is no change at all with the cylinder in question (#4cyl.). My question is whether there is something else I can check before pulling the head to check the exhaust valve?

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You can hook up a vacuum guage to the manifold. If it flutters fast at idle, it probably means a valve, or valve spring. Another thing to check is for hairline cracks between two cylinders in the dist cap. Cross-fire can sometimes cause this, by firing the spark plug on an open valve. If the firing order is correct, you can isolate which cylinder it is by pulling one plug wire at a time, until it goes away.

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