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Okay Guys

I'm ready to order axles and I your help. I originally was going to go with a Dana 60, reverse cut (high pinion), Detroit locker, 4.56 gears, and disc brakes. So I called Dynatrac and was quoted an arm and a leg. Here's what they told me:
Dana 60 base price $2195.00
add Detroit 395.00
add Disc Brakes 395.00
Reverse Cut(high pinion)695.00
Freight to Texas 200.00
Total $3880.00 (holly cow)

So then I called Currie and got a price on their Ford 9inch high pinion, Detroit locker, disc brakes, 4.56 gears and freight to Texas came to $2550.00. That's just right for my budget!

So I guess what I'm asking, Which is the better axle? I really need some advise here. I'm also considering buying a used Dana 60 and all the parts I need and put it together my self, but who knows how much that will cost? Thanks in advance...



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reverse cuts are weaker than normal cut gears.I'd go with the 9 inch but i'd call around first, you might not get the high pinion elsewhere but it seems that curry is higher than alot of places. Unless you absolutley need the high pinion. ut i'v seen some really big jeeps running regular pinions

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You might want to confirm with Currie about production dates. I was talking to the owner of a shop recently and they told me they've had a high pinion 9" on order forever.

Give Tri-County Gear a call and ask to speak to Brian. He will take the time with you and steer you straight. I bet you they will be easier on your pocket book than Currie or Dynatrac. BTW, disk brakes are not needed on a dana60... just use the big ol ford drums. See their webpage for contact info.

Good Luck,

Larry 85CJ7,350TBI,T19

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not enough info, dana60'r run 35 spline axles, is this going to be the case with the currie axle? size of disks the same? why bother building an axle? is there nothing available to fit your jeep? figure out what width 9 inch you would want and go shopping, all that custom work costs big dough, a ford front axle from a wrecker could provide the reverse cut dana60 centersection, an old ford rear could provide the tubes and 35 spline shafts.


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The "better axle" is sort of a personal preference sometimes. While the Dana 60 is a nice axle (big and heavy, too), the 9-inch is very stout. The Dana must be set up in the vehicle (or at least in the housing), while you can do a 9-inch in a vice.

Either one is a fine choice, but if *I* was going to save $1300 by going with a 9-inch, you'd better bet that's what I'd do (then you can spend that dough on other stuff).


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I like Dana Axles best (personnel preference) could get a Dana 60 out of a 70's dodge 3/4 ton pickup. use it stock length with factory drum brakes. then get some wheels with more backspacing and your ready. no custom parts needed "IF" anything brakes.... (check out the photo)



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