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Dana 60 axle splines? factory 30 or 35

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did any Dana 60's (full floater, rear axles) come from the factory with 35-spline axles? I've been told the only factory 60's that have 35-spline are flanged. I've seen many 3/4-ton 60's with 30-spline and thought newer style 1-tons have 35.

("utahjeepr", i'm not saying your wrong, i just want to here someone else's input)

("Sean" originally asked this question on another post, i'm just reposting because i would like to know also).

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Apparently there was a rare "Heavy Duty" 60 that used Dana 70 spindles and 1.50"- 35 spline shafts. I can't find out much more about it than that it was VERY rare and pretty much impossible to find. I can't even find out what to look under. This is NOT the Dana 61. The 61 really only came with a different carrier and was able to run 3.07 and 3.31 gears, it also used 1.31"- 30 spline shafts. The Dana 70 used under 1 ton Fords, etc used a 1.50" 35 spline but it has a bigger ring gear (10.5 vs 9.75). Lockers and gear selection for the 70 are limited.

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