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I have a Dana 60 R/FF from what appears to be an early/mid 70's Dodge truck or van. It has left hand stud threads on one side and right hand on the other (Dodge is the only ones that did that from what I know), and it's an OLDIE...
The BOM is either 603010 or 603040, neither of which can be found in Dana's database. It had cone washers in the hubs, and it's a 16 spline axle. It came with 4.10's stock, 2 pinion open carrier.

My question is upgrade this axle, do I only need to get 31 spline axles and then the side gears, or do I need an entire new carrier? I'd like to do 35 spline axles, but it appears my spindle is too small I.D. and I don't feel like cutting them off or boring them out yet.

Any help would be great. I'm also doing a disc brake conversion on it, so if I need to change anything else out, now would be the time to do it.

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see if I can remember rght, because I have swapped my D44 rear in my 77 RC to a 16 spline D60HD from a 73 or 75 ford truck.

I was told by the shop that set it up right (2nd time) since the 1st shop boogered it the 1st time

He told me to swap it, I had to buy a new carrier, and possibly bore the tubes.

That's all he ever said, and all I remember.

hope that helps, I used to have alot of links talking about tubes being bored for those splines, lost all of my links, when my puter crashed.
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