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I have a dana 44 on my 81 CJ7, with 3:73 gear. I want to change for 4.09 but I have to change the case too.

Can I put the new case with the same shims ??
Do I need special tools for alignment ?? I do all the machanic on my baby !!!


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NO, I would'nt just use the same shims and slap it back together. Start from scratch, if you have to completely build it up less
than 3 times, you did it wrong. It will take several tries to get the pinion gear centered good on the ring. Have you ever done the
painting the gears thing, then put it together, then spin the gears a few time, then check and see where the gears are touching
(i.e. where there is no paint) If you don't know what I am talking about, take it to somebody and have it done. Rear ends are too
expensive to screw up.

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'88 YJ, 4" susp,3" body,33's,283 Chevy V8,TH350,4.11's,D30,D35c
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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