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I dont know how to make this site address clicky, but here is the local for almost any D44 steering idea available.

I said almost, every steering option available, because I am nearly complete with a new set up, that I have only seen on one other rig, and that was the guy who designed the arms.
Here is a pic from last night. I still have my original high steer linkage hooked up to it, because I needed to be able to drive it today. The new linkage will abandon the tie rod linkage on the driver side shown. The Tie rod linkage will be connected to the right and left at the rear arms,behind the diff, the hydraulic ram will also be repositioned to attach to the tie rod behind the diff. The drag link will run from the pit man to the passenger front arm. Drag link will be 1 3/8" solid rod, the tie rod link will be 1 1/2" solid rod. Both tapped to except the 7/8" threaded 1 ton TRE's. I have had good results with the soild rod linkage(shown in the picture), for several years.
The new linkages will be completed today, so the whole assembly should be complete this evening.
Here are a couple of bics.
(the brake mounting brackets had to be clocked 30 degrees rearward to make room for the callipers on the 8 lug rotors).

here is a pic of Erics set up, nearly completed.

89 YJ
(sensibly altered for occasional off road use)
Vision without Action, is a Daydream. Action without Vision is a Nightmare.
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