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Oh how the small jobs get bigger! I've recently bought a 68 CJ-5 that needs some maintenence (understatement). I wanted to get the rear brake backing plate off for inspection, cleaning & painting. The axle shaft has a taper on the outboard end which fits into the wheel flange. After removing (fighting with) the castlated nut which was rusted on due to complete lack of any sort of petroleum product under the dust cap, I got out my gear puller (a good one). After breaking a Craftsman 1/2" drive rachet I got out the 1/2" breaker bar and applied that to the puller. Anyway I quit after putting a 3 foot cheater pipe on the breaker bar while heating the wheel flange with an oxyacteylene torch (maybe arout 500 degrees). Figured I'd just pull the whole shaft/flange and go find a machine shop with a press. Well, I can't get shaft out either. This Dana44 rear has limited slip. Is there a clip on the diff end of the shaft, is it press fit or should it just come out??? I didn't pull the diff cover (going thru the axle is scheduled for a later date) and ran out of time for the day. I could just picture trying to do this on some cold, wet, muddy trail while the sun goes down and the rain turns to snow.

1968 CJ-5 225 V6/T14/18/27frt/44rr

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two things could be holding you up. One is the bearing race for the axle bearing. If it is stuck in the
housing that will keep the axle from sliding out. The other thing is you said you have a limited slip. The Jeep
Powerlock limited slips had two piece side gears that could bind against the axle shaft (splines) and make
it hard to get the shaft out. A slide hammer may be needed to get the axle out. The downside is if the side
gears in the limited slip move out of alignment enough you will have to remove the Powerlock and disassemble
it to reallign the side gears so you can get the axle back in. The new Powerlocks use 1 piece side gears. So
do the International Harvester Powerlocks. Good Luck. Nickmil.

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