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dana 44 rearend

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I have a early model dana 44 that I want to put in my 76 cj5, the problem is it is offset an inch and quarter to the right will this work with out destroying ujoints.

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I swapped a ford axle into my yj. The diff pinion is about 1" (quite possible more) off alignment with the tcase output. No problems whatsoever. But it also helps to have a driveshaft as long as possible b/c it makes the ujoint angle less. My driveline is about 20".

88 YJ w/ factory paint
The 44 will be fine. It was standard on 72-75 CJ's behind the D20. Just need to get new spring perches and it's bolt it. Check your rear driveshaft length. It maybe slightly different.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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