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I am beginning to gather some info for doing my 44 frontend. So far, I have read that the 70's Wagoneer is the easiest. Cut the long end only 4ish inches and have the axle shaft reduced by the same amount and have it resplined my Moser. I will keep it spring under. I need to get the Model 30 outers so I can have disc brakes. I have a buddy that can handle shortening the housing correctly.
Any one have any insight before I start this major project. Anyone have any other suggestions of better applications of steering/brake combos. I heard that I could use 70's Bronco internal hubs with a GM spindle, mix and match bearings and races, so I could use internal spline lockout hubs. Anyone know for sure? Thanks for the info!


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You're definately on the right track and basically answered your own question. But after cutting and
resplining the tubes you have three options for the outers:
1) Use all dana 30 outers including steering knuckle, outer shafts, spindle, rotors and hubs.
Simple enough...
2) Use a combination of the Waggy stuff and CJ stuff, wagoneer knuckles, caliper bracket and CJ
spindle hubs and rotor. Inorder to use the larger 297 u joint you need the Scout II outer axle shaft
and that would apply to 1 also.
3) I'm not to clear on and maybe someone else can interject. Waggy knuckles, caliper bracket and
spinldes? And the Ford internal style hubs and rotor. This is the same set up the WARN uses in their
internal hub conversion so you could check with them.

I did # 2 with WARN 6 bolt hubs because I understand it......



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you could also go with all the dana 30 stuff and buy the warn hub conversion for cj' might be money ahead if you have to buy the chevy stuff anyway(the kit is about$240), and you get really nice hubs

it's sort of still a cj thingy....

Discussion Starter · #4 · in the tech section has an article on how to convert a EB dana 44 drum brakes to disk brakes. You use the GM spindle, ford bearings, hub, rotor, warn internal hubs, and whatever caliper system you can get your hands on... /wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif Since my d44 came out of a j10 that already had disk, I did the swap to get the proper lug nut pattern... I used j10 calipers to go with the j10 brackets, and it went together slicker than it they'd designed it to work this way... /wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif Have yet to mount it, but the axle is finished awaiting the rear end so I can hack the whole thing at once...

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