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Dana 44 brake problems

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I have a dana 44 with disk brakes, and a dana 44 with drums in the rear, both off of a 77' wagoneer. I am running them with the original master cylinder off of a 48' cj2a (willy's). The brake system builds up pressure in the front and does not release, the back works fine. I have new calipers and the master cylinder has been rebuilt, they worked fine when first installed but have been getting worse and worse. I am hoping some one has had this problem and know's what to do, nobody seems to know. If anybody know's where to get a overhauled master cylider that would be great also.

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if this is a single piston master cylinder, it won't work too well with disk and drum as is. the drum system has springs that retract the shoes off the drum. it also has a check valve. this valve is keeping pressure in the disk brake lines preventing the disk brake pistons from letting go of the rotor. you might be able to just remove the valve from the master cylinder but i don't know what effect this will have on the rear brakes. i also don't know if there is a dual piston master cylinder that will bolt in but this would be the best solution.

You could remove the residual pressure valve from the master cylinder, then just add a remote residual pressure valve to the rear brake line. You can get these from Summit or Jeg's.
Splitting the system would be best. As it is now, if you lose one brake line you've lost all your brakes.

Hey Steve. Latest 4 Wheel Drive and SUV mag shows a
bolt on brake conversion kit for under floor master cylinder. It alows
for power brakes and uses the stock pedals and pedal location. Let me know
if you try one and how it works
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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