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Dana 44/60 Front Axle Identification?

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OK this is probably a stupid question.. I am wanting to know if my 76 f-250 has a front Dana 44 or a Dana 60? I know I have a Dana 60 Rear, would a front 60 have the same diff cover? Also I noticed that my front hubs stick out farther than I've ever seen on a 3/4 ton, They stick out as much as they do on a 1-ton. It looks like there is about a 3" colar between the end of the axle and the lockouts. If anyone could tell me how to identify 44's and 60's for the front let me know. It would be nice to know If I ever get a locker or l/s for the front. I am thinking I have a rear l/s because If I dump the clutch in 2wd on the road It will leave 2 black marks unless I am going around a corner. But it tends to spin the front left tire in 4wd. My lockouts are kinda questionable. The pasenger side has to be un-locked with a pair of plyers (as chewed up as both of them are looks like its been a problem for a long time) Usualy they stay locked so its no big deal but it would be nice to know what axle I have incase I ever need new ones.

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This link has everything and more than you will ever want to know about a D60 including where to find where the numbers are and what they mean. Pirate D60 Tech
Last but not least: axle tech
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