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Dana 300, Tera Low 4:1 trouble

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I have been having trouble with my Low range banging loudly in the transfer case. This occurs while crawling in 1st low, going down hill or while in reverse. This is a newer version of the Tera Low 4:1 with the 5 gear set. Can anyone address this problem or send me a point of contact with Tera? Thanks, would like to get this fixed before Smoky Mountain Venture in 2 weeks.

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Hey Wilbur - If that 4:1 set is messed up, put the stock gears back in and go to Tellico and have fun. If there's any moisture on the ground, you won't be crawling anyway - Tellico demands wheelspeed at alot of places.

Trail 2 you'll need gearing, Trail 11 you need gearing or speed or both - Trail 12 you'll need speed and if it's raining when you go up Trail 12, you'll need alot more than that!

See my previous post on Tellico for some helpful hints for your trip. Enjoy yourself - it's great! - Chuck

Chuck Hadley
from one constant source of disappointment to another, just go and break it or let Rosebud break it. When you get back we will fix it. Just had to jab you.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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