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Dana 300 4:1 conversion

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Has anyone done the dana 300 4:1 transfer case conversion, I would like to know if it can be done anyone or is it recomended to be done by a shop mechanic. What is the best price that they can be found at and what is the cost of having a mechanic install one.

Thanks, tncj

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I did it myself last Nov., no real big deal, just as long as you take your time. Make sure shaft end play is totally correct, things like that. the only special tools necessary are a bearing press and a dial indicator. The low range is awesome, a very worthwhile investment of approximately $700 dollars. I'd say you are probably talking hundreds for a shop to do it, but like I said, its pretty easy for anyone that is at all mechanically inclined and has any experience with motors, trannies, etc. Removal of the case itself is a no-brainer. One caution on reinstallation, make sure you replace the seal on the back of the trans, I forgot, it leaked and had to pull the t-case back off.

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