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Dakar - hello ?

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I am dissappointed to find no discussion of THE greatest offroad event in the world - the Dakar Rally. Never heard of it ? You will. America is the last market to remain ignorant of the Dakar. What's up gang ? A forum that calls itself the "Desert Racing" forum with no mention of the Dakar ? We Americans can be SO ego-centric ! Maybe it's because we have yet to find a way to compete with the Mitsu's, Schlesser buggies and BMW bikes. I hope some of you got your head out of the sand and caught some of the coverage on Speedvision. If not, there's always next year !
My apologies if I missed this discussion.
See you at !

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I don't think it has much to do with the competition between the U.S. and the rest of the world. I think it has mostly to do with the fact that Speedvision's coverage sort of sucks right now on the event. At least, this is the reason I'm not watching too much of it.

People can drive to our deserts to see the off-road events and a lot of the electronic community can relate and easily share their experiences. I can't afford the HUGE expense to go over there to check it out for myself. Even if I did some freelance photography or wrote a story, I couldn't afford the outrageous press pass fees Dakar charges. Besides, I happen to love my local deserts for the terrain and what it offers to me, my family and friends.

Furthermore, I don't see many people on this board or in the races that can afford over a million dollars to run just ONE race, even if it's the biggest around. Most of the racers out there do their work out of a garage and spend what little free time they have working on their vehicles to pay what would be considered a large fee, set up hotels for crew, gas, spare parts, travel time and time off work.

Off road racing in this country is a family and friends affair. The comraderie between racers, chaser and fans is what makes the sport great. Sure they'd love to do Dakar. How about you write the check?

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Granted, Dakar is a great race but, it's a long, long waze away from just about every race fan on earth. On the other hand, southwest dez racing can be touched, felt, seen up close and out and out experienced by the masses. Someday, I'll attend a Dakar race but, I doubt I'll find the close knit community of dez freaks that I happily call myself a part of here.

Patrick J. Chicas

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