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Ok...I did it, While it's not exactly a "kit", it is, what I consider, taking the easy way out. I bought a 2000 phord 450 axle, (hi-pinion) I still have to move it over to the passenger side and cut the bottom off (hi-clearance) and add all the brackets for the links, but it is brand new, has the 4.88 gears I want, the 35sp inners, and I can put lock-outs on it (so I won't need a locker), I can use late chevy rotors and my old calipers and just re-drill the hubs to 6 bolts...
The dodge dis-connect knuckles are just too strange to fit anything onto, I bought the dodge piece from the same guy, so I'm just gonna take it back for full credit. : )

I feel like a freek'n yuppy, but I'll get over it.

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