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D44 in a CJ

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I'm going to put a Dana 44 in the rear of my CJ-7. I'm looking for a 58-60" 5 on 5.5 axle. A buddy of mine has one from a Quadra-trac Waggy that is 5 on 5.5 and the perfect width. He said I could have it for nothing if I wanted it. My question is... can I use that offset rearend with a Dana 300? Can the stock drivesshaft handle it or would I need a CV driveshaft for the compound angle? Even then, will the compound angle wear out the driveshaft quickly? My other two choices are to find a 44 out of a Scout or I can get a 9" from an EB. What to do? Thanks.

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True. The width may be what you are looking for, but waggies had 6 lugs. I think the offset will be too much as well. I would look for a scout rear. They are 58.5" 5 on 5 1/2. EB 9" rears are good, but the pinion sits so low that it can be a problem and sometimes cause vibrations.
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